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We truly believe our feeding program is one of the best around!  We get complements about the condition of every horse in the barn from various veterinarians, breeders and other barn managers.  We trust in what we feed and we know it does not take a ton of different things to get a horse looking it's best!  It just takes the RIGHT products!  Our Nutrena rep is available for individual consults to find just the right combination for each and every horse in the barn!  A healthy horse is a happy horse!

Although all basic board includes coastal hay and AlfaForce feed twice daily, we offer optional
upgrades depending on each horse's personal needs.  If the your horse has a need for something different, we are more than happy to get that item so that your horse can look and feel it's best! 

(may change based on market price)

1 flake Alfalfa per day added. $55/mos
2 flakes Alfalfa per day added. $100/mos
Replace Coastal with Alfalfa. $45/mos

Upgrade to Pro Force Senior. $50/mos
Upgrade to ProForce Fuel. $50/mos

ProElite Topline Advantage. $40/mos
Outlast Digestive. $40/mos

Flax seed. $15/mos



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